Wednesday, June 2, 2010

From Bruises to Bandaids to Balm - The Journey to Restoration

I believe……

that light pushes out darkness;

that forgiveness is key to freedom;

that truth will always defeat lies;

that when we choose to love authentically & sacrificially it changes us first, then affects those around us;

that a sincere smile from a pure heart has the power to change a life;

that both laughter & tears have healing power;

that we learn more from our failures than our successes;

that patience really is a virtue;

that sometimes you just need to spend some time with yourself;

that true friendship gives us a glimpse of God’s heart;

that there is a spiritual dynamic between believing women;

that there is power in agreement;

that no matter how old you get you never outgrow the need to be hugged by your mama;

that grace is the most beautiful word in speech and action;

that kindness is never in vain;

that the first step to wisdom is realizing you really don’t know anything;

that everything is purposeful;

that good always triumphs over evil;

that sometimes listening is better than giving advice;

that having a great life is a choice……in angels.

I don’t believe……

that people never change;

that pride is a good thing;

that we can scare people to heaven;

that anyone is too far gone;

that you have to defend yourself;

that there is any excuse for prejudice;

that saying is doing;

that enabling is loving;

that humility is weakness;

that you’re ever too old;

that one voice can’t make a difference;

that your teens are the best years;

that it’s our place to judge;

that being in a bad mood is an excuse for anything;

that true beauty is fleeting….in coincidence.

I know….

that each person has a destiny and purpose;

that everyone makes mistakes;

that God speaks;

that miracles still happen;

that there is an appointed time for everything;

that submitting to God’s will is the most difficult decision to make, but the easiest one to walk in;

that His grace is sufficient;

that joy is not contingent on circumstances;

that He works all things together for good;

that God is faithful;

that peace is always possible;

that a warm & sincere heart cannot be imitated;

that deception is dangerous;

that God can change a heart;

that things are not always what they seem;

that independence is not necessarily a good thing;

that prayer works;

that He orders the steps of the righteous;

that the enemy has been defeated;

that love never fails… the power of redemption.

“You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.” Matthew 5:14

Manthie Hayes